Welcome to the Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) Specialty page. Get to know the specialist veterinarians who visit our hospital and make their services available to our clients. Dr. Keith Kremer of Veterinary Specialist Care comes to our hospital 2-3 times a week to assist in internal medicine treatments. He travels to our hospital from his own practice in Virginia Beach to provide his internal medicine care to our patients closer to home. You can learn more about him and visit his website on his page to learn more about his practice by clicking on the link below. Once you have visited his page, go to our Internal Medicine page to read about the services that we are able to provide through Doctor Kremer here at ACAH. Dr. Herbert Maisenbacher of Veterinary Heart Care visits our hospital 2-3 times a week from his regular Virginia Beach and Newport News locations to provide his cardiology services to our patients. Take a look at his page to learn more about him and visit his practice website. Visit our Cardiology page to read about the care we can provide to your pet at our hospital by Doctor Maisenbacher. Through the use of our Endoscopy, Digital X-Ray, and Ultrasound machines these doctors provide us with more detailed interpretations and information about what is going on inside your pets. Giving us a better view helps us better determine when surgery is appropriate or if other treatments should be explored. This allows us to provide the best of care for your pets when they need a little extra attention. Your pet's health is always our top priority, both inside and out. Please click on the links below to lear more about these doctors and their individual practices to discover how their services can benefit your pet.

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