Infectious Disease Care

pet disease care hampton roads

There are some conditions that pets may have that require treatment that is isolated from other hospitalized pets. Some conditions are not only infectious to other pets, but also humans. The isolation ward at Anderson's Corner is a separate section of the hospital built specifically to treat pets with contagious diseases. This unit has been designed to keep infectious animals apart from the general pet population in our hospital.

Anderson's Corner's isolation ward has been designed to be unique in that it has its own separate drain systems to remove the possibility of contamination by fluids. To prevent the spread of any air borne contaminants, we have also created a completely separate ventilation system in and out of the ward. The ward also has its own scrub/prep station in order to ready certain patients for necessary procedures. The ward has its own separate entrance from the outside, allowing us to nearly eliminate all possibility of cross contamination of infectious diseases between both patients and personnel. We have taken these precautions to ensure that we maintain our high standards in keeping everyone (four-legged and two) free of infectious disease.