Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Andy Murphie has been pursuing orthopedic and soft tissue surgical training for the past 30 years. He has remained up to date on the latest advancements and surgical knowledge needed in the ever-changing environment of veterinary surgery. Orthopedic surgery has been a major focus of his training since the mid 80's. To make sure that your pet is receiving the best care, Dr. Murphie occasionally performs surgeries using a team approach with veterinary surgeons from the Richmond region as well as from veterinary teaching hospitals. Many of his cases are referrals from other hospitals in the region, and Dr. Murphie is grateful to all the veterinarians and clients who have entrusted him with their pet's orthopedic surgery cases over the years.


Pelvic Fracture Repair
African Serval Surgery
Fractured Forelimb
Fractured Forelimb Repair