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Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital is proud to offer quality grooming services to dogs and cats through our dedicated and passionate groomers, Anne and Rita. They offer a wide variety of services to cover your pet's needs, including

  • Brushing & combing
  • Deodorizing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Fur conditioners
  • Hair clipping and styling to preference
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Nail check and trim
  • Pad and foot trim
  • Sanitary trim of ear and underside

Meet Our Groomers!

Our groomers are here to give your pets their best look. Whether your pet is getting bathed, groomed, or just a nail trim, our groomers here make that experience a good one. Get to know a little more about the groomer who keep your pets looking their best.

Karen Tulli


Hello, I’m Rita. I am originally form the Ukraine, but I moved to Williamsburg in 2011 when I was adopted by by my parents. I have been working at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital for two years. I have enjoyed being able to work with animals and people who share my passion for animals. I am going to be attending the Manassas Pet Grooming School in Virginia, and am gaining a lot of experience working at ACAH. When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family, my mom (Fran), dad (Rick), sister (Yana) and my brother (Koyla). I also like to spend time with my pets, Stella our toy Poodle and Norge our Norwegian Elkhound. I also enjoy traveling and spending my time grooming animals.

Karen Tulli

Meet Our New Pet Groomer!

Logan Pollock has over 3 years experience with dog and cat grooming. Logan is available Mon-Sat. starting August 11. Call 757-566-2224 to make an appointment!

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