yorktown animal blood bank

Sometimes our beloved pets have Emergencies and illnesses, presenting a critical need for blood products. Pets may need transfusions for the same reasons that humans do, including surgery, trauma and disease. Blood products are necessary for supplying oxygen and fluids to the body's organs, and in some cases the body's natural supply needs to be supplemented. In these cases we turn to IV fluids and blood bank products.


Our hospital carries an in-house supply of fresh frozen plasma


Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) contains all blood clotting factors including the heat labile Factors V and VIII. Fresh Frozen Plasma is used to treat a suspected or known deficiency or malfunction in clotting Factors V and VIII. It is also used to replace all clotting factors if a patient has had a massive bleed where its total blood volume has been replaced in less than 24 hours. Fresh Frozen Plasma is also used to treat disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

We also have access to local blood banks for any other blood products we may need to obtain for your pet. For emergency circumstance we have local donors available to perform blood transfusions as needed.