Welcome to the Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) Laboratory Services page. We offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures here at our hospital in the care of your pets. We employ a range of blood analyzing machines to acquire rapid results for immediate or Emergency treatments. Our blood machines provide us with detailed information that is important when preparing your pet for anesthetic and surgical procedures as well as determining proper medications. We also have established relationships with outside referral laboratories when more specialized information is necessary. For other testing we use a binocular microscope for a broad spectrum of observations including ear cytologies, urinalysis, and intestinal fecal parasite exams. Having our in-house lab equipment gives us more detailed and accurate information when diagnosing and treating your pets. Under our In-House Laboratory page you can read more about the different equipment we utilize in the medical care of your pets. For issues going on in more difficult areas to view, we also utilize the latest in diagnostic imaging. Our digital radiograph, endoscopy and ultrasound machines allow us to get instant and accurate information about what is going on inside your pets. This can be useful in locating and removing foreign objects, tumors, and in assisting in surgeries. We also have established relationships with specialists to acquire second opinions and get more detailed interpretations. Look at our Endoscopy - Ultrasound - X-Ray page to learn more about the equipment we use and how it can be used to help your pets. In the use of some of our diagnostic procedures, we are proud to have Dr. Keith Kremer of Veterinary Specialist Care and Dr. Herbert Maisenbacher of Veterinary Heart Care. They visit our hospital on a regular basis and provide their specialized care and expertise to our patients. Please visit their pages to find more information on them and to visit their own practice websites.

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