vet testimonials hampton roads

Both of our beloved Maggie N' Max crossed the rainbow bridge this year, the first 9 year old Max after developing Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia was put down by our vet, it was very dramatic, chaotic and lacking in compassion (they had the black bag on the floor and everyone in the waiting area witness our grief and pain as we paid for the services). The vet happened to be unavailable the day we decided that 13 year old Maggie was definitely in distress and would join Max. I called ACVH, the entire process was the most compassionate and humane. Completely opposite of what we had gone through before. We can't thank ACVH enough for the care for both our dogs and our family. We will definitely be bringing our new addition Stout for his routine and other healthcare needs.

Colleen Schafer Bonadonna

Very heart felt note. ACAH is my pick and certainly worth the drive from Yorktown. Thank you for how you treat our animals and the owners. I feel like I am a patient as well. Happy New Year.

Penney Stott Martin

Lana was treated for a nasty URI by the amazing staff at Anderson's Corner - everyone was so kind, gentle, and professional! It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that such an amazing animal er/clinic is a short drive away. Thank you for all that you do and I wish you all the most blessed of new years.

Vara Rowe

Robb, I really have no words that would begin to convey the love and respect our family has for the incredible way you and your Dad treat our "best friends." We have a 42 year relationship with your business, starting with Boulevard in Newport News. Your Dad is the only one that we wanted to be with each of our precious babies when it was time...and yes, those days were some of the worst in our lives. You truly are the BEST veterinary "home" any pet owner could ever ask for. Our family (of course that includes Goldie) wishes you the very best for 2015! Give our love to your Mom and Dad

Virginia Shorter Keithley

Our daughter, Kacy Wallace, brought one of her ACAH rescues into our lives - Lucy. She was found in a landfill in NC. She was so little and had a terrible case of mange. She received nothing but love, kindness and excellent care every time we brought her in; and I was comforted and made to feel very welcome. Lucy is now a very healthy, 78 pound, beautiful happy dog. Heaven knows where she'd be without such devoted people. Thank you all for what you do.

Cathy Wallace

Love y'all at ACAH! Everyone there gave my Kaila girl such great care before, during and after her knee surgery. Doc and all of you are the best! Happy New Year!

Cathy Peralta Edler

I would like to thank you, your father, and the staff at Andersons Corner for continuously exemplary care and service. Prior to my wife and I meeting, your father literally saved our sweet Wilbur's life. Thank you all for everything you do.

Tim Eller & Ali Lewis Eller

It is an incredible facility with the best staff.

Helen Myers

9 years ago we were referred to Dr Murphie for out Tugs issue with his leg. I have never been more impressed and touched by the kindness and caring by each and every staff member at Anderson's Corner. We now have 3 pups and only trust their care to ACH. Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of each and every pet that walks thru your doors

Barb Curtis Cathcart

You and your father and your staff are the best! Thank you for all you do!

Dixie McCullough

I have know Dr.Andy Murphie for years. Know how loving he is with all animals & I know Dr.Robb is just as loving as his dad. Sent my Aunt to them & her dog was about to pass & she lived another 2 1/2 years longer . I love you guys & Maryann to. Happy New Year to you & your families !

Shelby Freeman

I commend you for your honest sincere devotion to pets and their owners God bless you and your support staff and family.

Virginia Keutmann

Thanks for always being there when our pets need help. Having weekend and evening hours, great availability of appointments, having vets who work after hours to return calls, and always having a vet available 24 hrs by phone is something our family and pets SO appreciate! So much different than before your hospital opened. So thankful for you guys!

Chelsea Rondi

We adopted a kitty from you a few years ago. He has been one of the most amazing additions to our family. He is loving and patient and friendly and cuddley! Thank you for Roscoe!!

Tara Schawrtz

Thank you for bringing your special care to our community. Y'all are awesome. What a comfort to know the animals are never alone. You are a true hospital.

Becky West

We love you and so do our animals. You and your staff are the absolute best!

Mary Jane Hostetler

Izzy loves all of you but has her favorites: Doc, Dr. MacDougall and Dr. Robb! Thanks so much for everything!

Cindy Palmer

I have been bringing my fur babies to you for 3 years now, won't stop either. Love you for all you do

Sherry Whitby

Our little corgi, Hurley, would not be here today if it weren't for the great care and compassion he received at Anderson's Corner. We appreciate all the staff every time we give him a hug! Many thanks.

Alice Grady

Rob, your Dad has treated our family members for 35 years and I hope you do for the next 35 as well. I remember when you were in college and home for a break, but your Dad came to our house, then in Smithfield, and sent one of our beloved family members over the bridge. It wasn't a convenient time for him, he came anyway...and so did you. Your mom came with him another time. I remember when my Dad got dementia and he would just show up without appointments and your Dad told the staff, just let him see me. I remember a late night visit to the emergency vet by your Dad to operate on our Darby and gently let us know he couldn't it. And then I remember some very careful scientific detective work, wisdom, and prayer for our Remy that made your Dad send him to Richmond to the bigger hospital for liver surgery and no doubt saved his life. I am forever grateful for your family medicine, it is very much appreciated. Happy New Year and God Bless!

Cindy Lee

Dr Robb, Happy 2015 to you and your family. Thank you for the extra years with Katie and then helping us let go. We are grateful Chase is with you now and look forward to having more time with him also thanks to the skill and care of all you folks. Love and appreciation from all The Parrish's.

Sandy Parrish

Gorgeous family Rob! Thank you and your dad and mom and all staff for helping out our families' animals in their sickness and their health and a few old gals with their deaths this year. We have traveled from Virginia beach and now from Yorktown for years after we grew up going to the NN vet. Your vet is amazing and so gracious to us and our animal family and we will continue to recommend you all very highly. thank you and Happy New Year to all!!

Elizabeth Whanger Hoffman

Dear Robb, So glad you share your Dad's calling. Thanks to you and your Dad for practicing not only the science but also the art of medicine and for caring for my dogs through the years. Happy New Year to you all from Barnaby and me!

Judy Campbell

We absolutely love your clinic and the doctors that have assisted our family members over the last 5 years or so. It's quite a hike for us to travel, but we don't believe we would be happy or satisfied any where else. Enjoy bringing in the new year.

Ann Edwards Mann

Thank you for sharing and caring! If my pets cannot be home, then with you is the only other place I want them to be.

Karen Sferra-Liberato

We chose Anderson's because of the closeness and easy access from our home. We stay at Anderson's (even though there is a new vet less than 3 miles away) because of caring and dedicated people there.

Lori Wolbert

Thank you Dr. Robb for being their for all are fur babies! We are very grateful we have such a caring vet office so close to home. Happy New Year.

Heather Shuster-Cavaliero

Happy New Year Dr. Rob and to the entire staff of ACAH. We are blessed to have you treat our four-legged family members.

Cassie Heath Winters

Dr Robb, you were simply amazing when our Punker (19y/o orange tabby) was close to the end. You will always be our family's choice for our future fur babies!! Happy New Year!!

Mary Welch Rivas

You all are the highlight of our move to Virginia, I'm so happy we found you and your dad and wonderful staff, Bella & Lola love you all. Happy New Year!

Patty Kappa-Senick

Happy New Year ACAH! We also pass other vets during our half hour drive, but cannot imagine going anywhere else! Enjoyed your post Dr. Robb. Thanks for sharing~

Nancy SpiritDancer Ridgway

Happy New Year, Doctor Rob. ACAH has been there for me and my pets!

Ginger Zarske

Very caring place

Doreen Carlton

Lovely family and very caring Doctor

Avril Kay Purvis

An incredible place. Our dog loves ACAH. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Wonderful staff - everyone. And Dr. Robb is the best! Thank you for what you do.

Robb Cameron

I recommend ACAH to everyone looking for an amazing place to take care of their babies! I tell people the story of my 1st interaction with Doc all the time. My pup, Heath, tore his ACL and needed surgery. We were in a rough place financially but pulled together enough funds to do it. About a week later we were at Sal's with friends and happen to sit right next to Doc. When we went to pay our bill we were told he had already taken care of it. I was so touched by his kindness! I also pass 3 other clinics on my way there but I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Crystal Orlowsky

Happy New Year and thank you for being there for us and our cats! Yes, there are closer vets to us but none can compare to you and your staff at Anderson's Corner!

Nancy Gibson Pierson

And that is why we come to you , your Dad and everyone else involved! You all are a part of our family too. I have been with you all since I got my first beagle in the 80's in NN, waited patiently till you got set up in Toano. I too travel over 40 mi and past many other ootions but there are only certain folks I trust with my dogs and thats you all. Thank you also for the trust you have had in me in the past. Congrats, happy New Year and thanks again!!!

Janine Weaver Kimble

I went to ACAH because I bought a puppy from a friend who had used the clinic for his dogs (my puppy's parents) and loved you guys from the moment I walked in. My puppy was spayed and I felt comfortable she was in good hands. Thank you so much for what you do. I moved to Texas earlier this year and miss you so much. I still call for advice too.

Marcia Jackson

Thank you all for providing such excellent care to your patients! I also drive past many other vets to have you take care of roxy. Thanks to doc she can run again and has her life back and that is priceless to me! I appreciate you all more than you know, and your staff is phenomenal. My baby can be a lot to handle and they always treat us so well! Thanks again!

Michelle Ashley Shepeluk

Wouldn't let anyone else touch my Sophie, Frankie, Emma, Boo, Hokie and TJ. Andersons Corner is the best because of the philosophy of you and Doc. Doc even remembers my cat Buddy that he tried so hard to save many years ago. That means a lot and my four legged children will travel up 64 for their vet care. Thank you for everything.

Deborah Sarvay

I drive past 5 other vets in the 50 minute drive to ACAH. Worth every minute. The quality of care and genuine hospitality is unmatched. Thanks for all that you do for our furry family, doctors and staff alike.

Michael Covey

Love ACAH!!!

Sherrie Pride

Thank you for everything you do for SEVA GRREAT.

Kayla Haney Matherson

Love Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital! You guys are the best and take such good care of our loved ones! So glad you are our vet and boarding place!

William B

Great service, friendly staff.

Kevin Grierson

i have never met a kinder group of people, they love and care for all our animals, Doc Sr hand now Doc Jr have treated all our Dogs and care and love them, i trust both Sr/Jr and trust that they are looking out for our dogs

Jeffrey Kimble

Have gone to Anderson's Corner for  five or six years now.  Never disappointed with the care.

Kimberly Croft

Doc, Dr. Rob and Dr. MacDougall are, in my opinion, the best in the business!

Cindy Palmer

The staff is always courteous and doting on Harley. Wait times are usually little to no issue. The team of doctors have always been not only highly knowledgable but compassionate as well. They have, on numerous occasions, called to check on Harley following a visit or after-hours concern call. They treat him like family, and that's why we drive 40 minutes to Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital for veterinary care and boarding for our Harley! I also love that they have a social media presence and post helpful information, such as a podcast on noise phobias in canines.

Mitzi LaPaugh

I have been using Anderson Corner Animal Hospital for many years. Brought our newest furry family member for an initial check-up. The facility is state of art, exceptionally clean, and all providers far exceed acceptable standards. Most excellent comprehensive, caring veterinary services ever, and I am difficult to please!

Cindy Belanger

Anderson Corner has been my first choice animal hospital for many years. I am not a resident of their community, but prefer to travel a distance to obtain quality and personalized service. The facility is impressively modern and clean. Personnel are extremely friendly, professiuonal and their love of animals is blatently obvious! Services are unmatched!

Cindy Belanger

Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital is the best! My last visit was for both of my dogs, to get their annual check up and shots. One of my dogs injured herself and that was checked out too by Dr. Welch. My Zoey and Bella love Dr. Rob and Dr. Welch. Appointments are easy to get. They are open 7 days a week and the pricing is fair. The reason we switched veterinary hospitals was because my Pug Zoey was really sick and I didn't know why. It was early in the morning and my vet at that time said they didn't have time for her, but there was a new veterinary clinic down the road that might see her, or I would have to take her to the emergency vet. How could you turn away a precious little pug that was so sick and had been coming to you since she was 6 weeks old. Well little did I know I would be walking into what would be my new vet's office. They told me the veterinarian was in surgery, but would see my pug as soon as they were done. I love how much they love animals. You can see it and feel it. When our 19 year old cat had to be put down. Dr. Rob was extremely professional and caring. About a week later we received the sweetest card with a imprint of her paw with a beautiful poem.

Christina Brabham

We have used Andersons Corner for about 4 years. The veterinarians and staff go above and beyond for the care of the animals. The staff will call when the pet goes into surgery and right after surgery to let you know that your pet is doing fine. If anything unforeseen happens during surgery or if the surgery takes a little longer then expected somebody from the staff will call and let you know what is happening. I also love the fact that when your pet has to stay overnight it is not left alone. An assistant is always at the clinic to take care of the sick and vacation pets. Andersons Corner has staff at the facility 24/7. I highly recommend them.

Simone Schoerner

We have been going to Anderson's Corner for a few years now with our two older cats. They have always been very kind and professional, and show genuine caring. I recently had to euthanize my 19-year-old cat and as awful of an experience as that is by nature I could tell that the vet, Dr. Welch, truly cared. We have seen most of the vets there and I like all of them.

Andrea Drummond

Awesome experience every time. Friendly professional staff and almost no wait.

Timothy Parrish

We had to have our 16 year old dog euthanized, this is a second dog we have had euthanized at Andersons corner we could not ask for a better experience in the time of our grief they are very very professional and most of all very very caring in everything that they do! Both of our dogs we had spent money on them they're trying to save them so when the time came to let them go Anderson's did not even charge us for the euthanasia. We have six dogs that we have taken there for probably five years and have nothing but good things to say about the facility and the staff.
We were taken to a beautiful room made exclusively for euthanasia the lights were dimmed they were poems everywhere and things that made the experience a little easier the vet gave us plenty of time with our pet before and after. We were able two position and set with our pet in any manner we wanted to make everything more comfortable as the procedure was done and did noticed a tear in our vets eye one more thing to show that they really do care, we will taken out the side door what we did not have to be seen in the reception area. We had our pet cremated and the picking up the ashes was no different we were taking into the room alone where we felt comfortable. We could not ask for anything better, THANK YOU ANDERSONS CORNER

Sonia Snodgrass

Have taken this same dog for regular wellness examinations and on occasions where a problem existed. The dog has had two major surgeries which were very successful. In the process we interacted with several of the veterinarians and found them to be highly qualified, helpful, compassionate, caring. The facility is beautiful, well maintained and welcoming. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. My experiences with this provider have always been very positive, and I would highly recommend them.

Ann Czompo

Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) is excellent. We had both our dogs' teeth cleaned, and we also boarded them both at ACAH. The costs for the teeth cleanings and the boarding were less than half the costs at other nearby vets. The vets and staff at ACAH are highly professional, caring, and competent. The place is very clean and well maintained. ACAH is the best!

Carol Vernon

Fabulous heart-centered care here. While they were not our primary vet, and we still try to figure out how we missed them, for about 4 or 5 years they cared for Chanel in every emergency. We chose them to help Chanel at just 10 days shy of her 16 birthday, to help her with the big sleep. Very kind process and reaffirming to us, our decision was not too late and not too soon. It's as comforting as it can be when you cross this path. Thank you Dr. Rob and Dr. Andrew. Dr. Andrew, you made my husband feel at ease more importantly, that you loved Chanel not even knowing her. This vet center is fabulous.

Patricia Weber

Saved my precious dog from a poison attack from unknown sources, kept him for 3 days, with 24hr care, and immediately started treatment a soon as they could, and upon finding the necessary details and test results, by acting so quickly, it saved his life!! The compassion and care he received by ALL the nurses, and doctors involved, was heartwarming, not to mention reassuring!!

Pauline Foster

Great office, great staff and great care! Love, love love this vet!! I took a really sick foster puppy there and they did everything they could to try to save her and a few weeks later I received a little circle with her pawprint and name and it just means the world to me! They really care about the animals here and their owners.

Marissa Talley

Extensive, ongoing care of a 12 year lab for disc disease since Feb of 2013. Dr. Andrew Murphie did extensive xrays and treatments over a period of several months. He even had a renowned orthopedic vet from Ohio State examine my dog while he was assisting Dr. Murphie with surgeries on a Saturday. The cost of Jake's care was nominal compared to what I would have paid on the Peninsula. Dr. Murphie truly loves animals and is a REAL vet and he is so knowledgeable and intelligent.

Amanda Hutts

The vet and vet tech were very patient and gentle with Hanna. They were also very patient with me and answered all of my questions. I did not feel like there was a rush to get me in and out. The front desk staff are kind and caring and patient as well. I love that Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital has evening hours so I can leave work at my normal time, pick up my dog or cat from home, and still get back to the vet's office in plenty of time. The only time I have had to wait for my appointment was when an emergency came in before my appointment.

DeAnn Rinehart

Dr Murphie is a genuine professional in pet care. He cares for each pet as if they were his own. He is equally caring for all types of pets and we can highly recommend his services to everyone. When he moved his service from Newport News to Toano we gladly followed. Anyone looking for an Animal Hospital for the first time or looking to change Animal Hospitals, Anderson's Corner in Toano should be on your short list!


Doc Robb and his dad and all the staff at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital in Williamsburg VA are the most caring, capable veterinarians and people we've ever had for our dogs.

Dr. Robb Murphie is probably the nicest vet I have ever encountered. He cares deeply for the well being of my pet. I first met him on an emergency visit, where he took me in with no appointment with virtually no wait and referred me to a specialist to be seen the very next morning. The staff is very friendly and have also helped me when I found abandoned wildlife. The office is clean getting an appointment is extremely easy.

This is the nicest and cleanest clinic I've ever seen. The prices are very reasonable. They will treat cases that most clinics would refer elsewhere. The doctors are very compassionate and educated. The urgent care doctor has been amazing, as I have needed her help on many occasions. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone I meet.

Highly recommended! front desk staff friendly and efficient. Doctors knowledgeable friendly, caring. Pets and owners feel at ease under their care. aep


Very nice animal hospital. Family atmosphere, and they really work hard at getting your pet well. We are fortunante to have such a facility so close by.

Many thanks to Dr. Robb and all of the staff at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital for the thorough, compassionate care they provide each time we visit. They always go above and beyond to make our three dogs feel welcome! I feel confident that the care provided is carefully researched with what is best for my pet, and myself, given top priority. Based on my experience with Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital, I would highly recommend this practice! Their boarding facility is also excellent and I especially like the consistent exercise provided for the dogs.

ACAH is a superior clinic but what you may not know is their kennel area is also superior! When our dog stays at ACAH she thinks she is on vacation. They have doggie play groups, even a pool in the summer. There is someone at the kennel 24 hours. They have a great setup for cats. Your cat can have a three tiered kennel where he can climb, sleep and eat as he watches the birds outside a huge window. There is even an indoor play area for the cats. You'll love the people and setup at ACAH.


We have been patients of the Murphie's as long as we have had animals. They are great doctors, and have such friendly staff. A couple years ago, my cat had extreme eye issues, and almost died during and after surgery to correct it..she was so sick, that Dr Murphie, sr, drove her in his car all the way to Richmond to a special emergency hospital where they took care of her for almost a week. She recovered nicely. We have followed them to several different clinics while they were building their Toano location. We now drive 30 miles to see them when we need our veterinary care. We would never consider going any where else. I am sure you will love them as much as we do.

Debi Walters

I can't say enough good things about them. They're just incredible. They're great surgeons, they're progressive in their treatment, and very compassionate. The whole office has a great morale. It's just a great place to go to.

Kim Smith

Anderson's Corner is a Blessing! We moved to the area a little over 4 years ago. We went through 2 different Vets until Anderson's Corner opened up. I decided to interview before actually bringing our boys. I met with Dr. Robb and was extremely pleased. One of our Huskies has seizures and requires a lot of care. Dr. Robb is the most amazing, caring & dedicated Vet. Even when Dr.Robb is off, he is still calling or coming in to check on his patients. He and his staff truly care about their patients. I wish I could find a doctor for myself that would care as much as they do. We have had experience with all of the staff, from the Vets, Techs, Boarding and all of the wonderful ladies up front, and they are all amazing, compassionate and very knowledgeable. We totally and completely trust all of the staff at Anderson's corner with our Furry,Four-Legged babies and are always recommending them. We are so thankful to Dr.Robb and Dr.Andy Murphie and the Amazing Team they have put together.

They were marvelous. the vet was so wonderful to me. They sent me a card after we had to put her down saying that they are sorry for not being able to do more to help him. They gave me a hug afterwards because they knew I was upset.

Norma Senediak

Dr Robb is fantastic! He gave me another 2 great years with my beloved Snowball! He is a caring vet who puts his animal patients first....

Recently moved to the area and needed a new vet. They are convenient , courteous, and friendly. Offices are clean and attractive. Took our dog I for grooming and shots, they were very good with her, and with us. I was very pleased with them and will continue to use them as our new vet.

Lisa Massey

We are military and new to the area. We had some trouble finding a good vet and had a terrible experience at another clinic. Well, we found a great team of vets and staff at Anderson's Corner Vet Hospital and happily recommend them to anyone looking for a vet.

Jason Robertson

Doc and his staff are more then professional, and filled with knowledge. They are such sweet and kind people.. When I take our dog there I feel more like family then a client. They go above and beyond to help you!


Great people and great care. Started going there after my cost got to be to much at my old vet.

Jack Gilliam

We were surprisingly able to get a same day appointment. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional. Since this was our first time to the clinic. I just had a big somewhat organized folder with all the medical records of both of my dogs. They took the entire thing and sorted through to find what they needed, again, very friendly about it. I did have to wait a bit past the appointment time until I was seen (about 15 minutes). The vet tech and the vet both were friendly, helpful and great with our dog. The diagnosis was quick, about 5-10 minutes and they took the time to really explain what was going on, what the treatment would do, and potential problem signs for which to look. Diagnosis was spot on, issue cleared up in about a week. Price was incredibly reasonable, actually a bit lower than I was expecting based on other vets with whom I've dealt in the past few years. This clinic is a bit of a drive from Williamsburg, but worth it. They've become my new go to vet on the peninsula.

Blair Sweigart

The staff is very pleasant and in tune with your pets needs. They watched our dog for 8 days while we were on a cruise. The staff e mailed us updates on how the dog was doing,  Dr Murphy provide checks on our dog if anything was out of the normal. The staff walked our dog and held him when he was lonely.

Laurie St Andre

Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital is an amazing place. I made a last-minute switch to them after unpleasant experiences at our previous vet, and they couldn't have been more accomodating and friendly. They immediately scheduled a "get-to-know-you" appointment with my two puppies, and didn't charge me for it. When I dropped them off for their spaying the technician was SO friendly that she immediately put me at ease. The veterinarian called me later that day to report that the surgery had gone well, and when I picked up the puppies the following day both the receptionist and the tech had funny and endearing stories about them. I felt like they truly cared about my dogs' well-being and took the time to give them individual attention.. They are also EXTREMELY affordable and accessible. The fact that they're open late AND on the weekends makes them the ideal clinic for people who work fulltime. I can't recommend this clinic enough!

Carrie Letourneau