Andie The Aussie

Meet Andie The Aussie!

Meet Andie The Aussie


Hi…my name is Andie the Aussie. If you haven’t noticed, Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital helps a lot of me mates that have been down on their luck - had a tough start... you know... the castaways of the pet world. I was a castaway…..figuratively and literally. I was down on me luck hangin’ on a beach, scavenging for me food, begging for some leftovers from beachgoers, and so on.

Believe it or not, I actually found a surfboard washed up ashore one day….so I jump on….and lo and behold it just came natural to me to ride the waves. I even got so good at it that I would get tips and scraps of food from the good folks on the beach. Then one day I wiped out trying to Hang Ten….and broke me leg.

I thought that was it for Andie the Aussie, but some nice beachgoers called a rescue organization, who then called Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital. They then took me in and fixed me up real good….and what I thought was my worst day….ended up being me best day. This is ‘cause it led me to a great family that saw me on Anderson’s Corner’s website....and they even picked me up the next day.

Andie the Aussie is our mascot. He represents every pet that we can take in from the many wonderful rescue organizations and humane societies. These pets all have their unique and untold story….just like Andie.

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