Dr. Renee Welch

new kent exotic pet care
  • Position: Veterinarian
  • Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine- 1987 | M.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University in 1978 | B.S. in Biology from The College of William & Mary in 1975
  • Career History: Research scientist in the field of molecular genetics
  • Areas of interest: exotic, internal, feline, and wildlife medicine as well as nutrition and behavior
  • Memberships and Associations: Adjunct staff veterinarian for the College of William & Mary, American Veterinary Medical Association, Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

After spending time as a research scientist in the field of molecular genetics, I discovered that my true passion was in veterinary medicine. I now direct my energy into caring for any critter that needs help (whether it walks, crawls, hops, swims, or flies) and keep it well. Meanwhile, I maintain my ties to research by being William & Mary’s adjunct staff veterinarian.

Predictably, I have a house full of imperfect rescue animals, and a never ending stream of orphaned and/or injured wildlife. Currently the “motley crew’ consists of three geriatric dogs (Jack, Anne, and Felix), and eight cats (Spatz, Blotchi, Puha, Mikey, Lola, Peggy Sue, Beebee, and Spock), two parakeets (Sweet Pea and Corn Pone), and one rabbit (BunBun), each with a story to tell.

Helping to balance my life is my “saint-of-a-husband” Richard Parker and “pride and joy” daughter Zoe. Richard is a drama teacher at Hornsby Middle School (formerly at James Blair Middle School and Walsingham Academy) and President and Artistic Director of StageLights Childrens’ Theatre. 

Richard not only helps to keep me grounded, but helps care for the menagerie. Zoe, also a good sport for tolerating her many “brothers and sisters,” is a recent graduate of The College of William & Mary with degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Policy. Despite all the experience in “helping mom” she is resisting the temptation to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

In my spare time, such as it is, I enjoy running, reading, and enjoying nature.