Chinese Herbal Formulas & Supplements

herbal formulas veterinarian In cases where a patient can be understood from a traditional perspective, Chinese herbal medicine can be integrated seamlessly with acupuncture to perpetuate the energetic stimulus provided through the acupuncture needle in the clinic. Chinese Herbals can also be used as treatment unto themselves. Most Chinese herbals are often combined into formulas consisting of an average of 4-10 herbs in each formula. These formulas are designed to correct the imbalances predisposing or causing disease in the body.In addition to Chinese Herbals, supplements can be used to help meet pets' dietary and health needs. We are able to help clients navigate the vast world of supplements available online and in health stores to find quality products and distributors.

Given the new and emerging knowledge of herbs and supplements, we can now look at herbal formulas from a Western perspective. Prescriptions of a plant or formula that satisfies the dictates of both medical approaches provides the best prognosis.

We glad to be able to offer Chinese Herbal Medicine through Dr. Tracy Lord with Four Paws Holistic Veterinary Service