Pet Of The Week

Welcome to the Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) Pet of the Week page. At ACAH we are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care for your animal companions. We want you to be able to get to know a bit about the great patients who come to visit us here at the hospital. We appreciate every pet who's care has been placed in our hands. Here we want to highlight all of the past winners of our pet of the week contest. These pets come to us for their medical treatment, whether that is routine or more specialized, and they each have their own story to tell. We are happy to be able to provide service to all of the wonderful pets who walk through our doors. When you are in for your next visit with us, you can also find our previous pet of the week winners displayed in our hospital waiting room. Stop by our front desk and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives to find out how you can make your canine or feline companion our next pet of the week. 

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