Holistic Medicine

Welcome to the Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital's (ACAH) Holistic Veterinary Medicine page. We are happy to be able to host the care provided by Dr. Tracy Lord of Four Paws Veterinary Holistic Service. You can read more about Tracy Lord, D.V.M. by checking out her biography on our Veterinary Team pageAcupuncture is an alternative medicine that involves the use of needles at specific points along the body to trigger a healing effect. Click on the Acupuncture link above or below to learn how your pet can benefit by adding this service on to their current treatment plan. Check Chinese Herbal Formulas to to read about this service which can be used in combination with other treatments as well as for treatments themselves. Click over to our Spinal Manipulation page to learn about this service that is both effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders as well as in combination with traditional Physical Rehabilitation that we offer. ACAH is grateful to Dr. Lord for making the Holistic Veterinary Medicine services available to our clients while being able to remain close to home. Her services are available at the clinic, but she handles the scheduling. Please click here to be taken to the site. 

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