Welcome to the Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) General Services page. We have a wide array of services available for our patients, from specialized care to more routine treatments. Has your pet been scratching? We have the ability to treat Dermatological issues, from allergies to more severe infections. Dr Renee Welch treats a wide range of exotic pets and wildlife, visit our Exotic Pets page for more details on what she sees. You can also take a look at our Massage Therapy page to learn about this great service that is coming soon to ACAH. We provide Microchip Implantations to help reunite you with your loved one should they ever become lost. Visit our Ophthalmology page to learn what procedures our veterinarians perform to help protect your pet’s vision. When pets are recovering from surgery or an injury, we offer Physical Rehabilitation Services through Dr. Robb Murphie. Visit the Physical Rehabilitation to find out more. At ACAH we believe in responsible breeding, visit our Reproductive Services page to learn how we can assist you should you decide to breed your pet. You can also visit our Wellness and Preventative Medicine page to learn how we can keep your pet healthy throughout every life stage.

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