Welcome to the Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital (ACAH) Counseling page. At ACAH we are committed to keeping pets healthy and happy, and that starts with their routine at home. Our pets can have many issues throughout their lives, and we want to ensure that they are all given the best chance for a healthy life. We can help to give them the best chance by practicing routine care and nutrition. In some cases behavioral problems in pets can be due to underlying health issues which after being treated, pets will often return to their normal behaviors. In other cases these issues can be purely behavioral, and need to be worked on in order to be fixed. Our veterinarians can help develop a plan that you can use to work with your pets at home to correct these unwanted behaviors. Visit our Behavior Counseling page to find our how our doctors can assist you. Pets that are overweight are seen all too frequently in the hospital, and all that extra weight can be detrimental to your a pet’s health. While this can sometimes be due to underlying health issues, more often it is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. Buying the most expensive pet food is not a guarantee that it contains everything your pet needs. Just like people, pets need to get regular activity in their routine as well as a balanced diet appropriate for their activity level. Bring in your pet’s food to your next wellness visit and our veterinarians can help you determine if it is appropriate for your pet. We can also help advise you on activities you can perform with your pets to get them moving. Visit our Nutritional Counseling page to see how our veterinarians can help assist you in keeping your pet healthy at home.