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Welcome to Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital

 We are pleased to offer the community a unique and affordable small animal hospital that not only practices primary care veterinary medicine, but also has the resources to care for critical patients as well as orthopedic related injuries. Even after business hours, we always have a caretaker at the hospital 24 hours a day who can monitor hospitalized ICU patients, as well as pets that are boarding.

On Call Services 

Our hospital hours are 7am - 8pm Monday through Friday, 7am - 6pm Saturday, and 8am - 6pm Sunday. If you suspect your pet may need emergency treatment, there is always a doctor on call to answer any questions that you may have. If after hours, we may need to refer you to a critical care hospital that we have an established relationship with. This may be for further specialized diagnostic and/or 24 hour monitoring.


vet testimonials hampton roads

We were surprisingly able to get a same day appointment. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional. Since this was our first time to the clinic. I just had a big somewhat organized folder with all the medical records of both of my dogs. They took the entire thing and sorted through to find what they needed, again, very friendly about it. I did have to wait a bit past the appointment time until I was seen (about 15 minutes). The vet tech and the vet both were friendly, helpful and great with our dog. The diagnosis was quick, about 5-10 minutes and they took the time to really explain what was going on, what the treatment would do, and potential problem signs for which to look. Diagnosis was spot on, issue cleared up in about a week. Price was incredibly reasonable, actually a bit lower than I was expecting based on other vets with whom I've dealt in the past few years. This clinic is a bit of a drive from Williamsburg, but worth it. They've become my new go to vet on the peninsula.

Blair Sweigart

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