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Welcome to Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital

We are pleased to offer the community a unique and affordable family run small animal hospital. Even after business hours, we always have a caretaker at the hospital 24 hours a day who can monitor hospitalized ICU patients, as well as pets that are boarding.

We cannot begin to describe how thankful we are for the overwhelming support that we have received since we opened in September, 2008. 

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Our daughter, Kacy Wallace, brought one of her ACAH rescues into our lives - Lucy. She was found in a landfill in NC. She was so little and had a terrible case of mange. She received nothing but love, kindness and excellent care every time we brought her in; and I was comforted and made to feel very welcome. Lucy is now a very healthy, 78 pound, beautiful happy dog. Heaven knows where she'd be without such devoted people. Thank you all for what you do.

Cathy Wallace

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